Flatbed printer flat plate universal printer for mobile phone shell shop,factory,advertising company printing equipment 110 220v

Flatbed printer flat plate universal printer for mobile phone shell shop,factory,advertising company printing equipment 110 220v
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Oписание продукта

table acrylic letter bender



Product details


Main functions and purposes

For bending, softening and shaping various plastic materials, such as middle or large-size acrylic lamphouse, wall skirting, edgings for door and window frame, etc. Also applicable to making name-card cases, menu racks, and so on.

It can be applied to a wide range of materials, such as acrylic, Perspex, PVC and all other plastics proper for heating and shaping.

It is designed to include a water-cycle-cooling system, facilitating the hot-bending and shaping process, as well as ensuring operation for a long duration.




Hot-bending machine *1pc

FSL high-power thermolator *1pc

Water-cycle pump *1pc

Silica wate- pipe *2pcs





How to use


1.      Get a tank or bucket with a capacity of 30L and above, fill it with water for the cooling purpose. Connect the heater (bending machine) and the pump with silica pipe, and then place the pump into the tank or bucket. Switch on power supply for the pump; wait for the water to run smoothly within the pump and pipes.

(Note: After long hours of work, the water may get hot, and it needs to be replaced. Also , don’t replace the hot water immediately with very cold water; when the water temperature gets around 50 degree, just switch off the power/thermostat, wait for a while and then replace the water.)

2.      Fit the thermostat with the heater (bending machine), and switch it on. Turn the thermostat clockwise, the temperature will rise; if anti-clockwise, the temperature drops. Do not turn the thermostat very quickly, or it may not be so accurate to control the temperature. (Note: Slowly turn the thermostat until you see the heating part becoming fire-red. Extremely high temperature may burn your material to be processed, and the service life of the machine may also be shortened.)

3.      After reaching the needed temperature, place the plastic material on the heating area; make it hot and soft enough for you to bend it with your hands. The time required for heating depends on the materials to be processed, and you can decide on this according to your past experiences.



If you’re not familiar with hot-bending, then find a small piece of material of the same quality and thickness as the big sheet waiting to be processed. You place this small piece on the heating area and turn the thermostat to find the right heating duration and temperature for the material (with the proper temperature, the material will become soft enough quite quickly and blisters won’t be caused; if the temperature is too low, heating efficiency will be a problem; if too high, blisters may appear). After deciding the right time and temperature, place the large sheet. If you want to have perfect bending to form a desired angle, first cut a groove along where you expect the angle, and the groove shall cut to 2/5 thickness of the material; then you begin heating your material, and use anything that can help to form the angle you want.


Recommended temperatures(centi degree) for some regular materials

Acrylic: 210

Perspex: 195

PVC sheet: 155


PET: 160

Note: above temperatures are just for reference, and users may modify them according to their materials and working habits.


Safety Precautions

1.      The heating process leads to high temperature, so avoid contacting the heating area with fingers or skin.

2.      Make sure to use the machine in a safe setting and keep away from flammables and explosives.

3.      Unplug the power cable/cord, if the machine will not be used in a long time.


Quality guarantee and maintenance

1.      Three-month quality guarantee for the heating components; one-year for other parts (willful destruction excluded).

2.      Quality guarantee will annul if the machine is disassembled.


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